Student Work

Oakland International High School provides students with a rigorous, multimedia-focused course of study that includes many opportunities to learn English while using traditional and new media. Students at each grade level participate in lab classes where they learn to use programs like the Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Windows Movie Maker, Audacity, Google Docs and Google Pages, as well as how to create blogs and wikis. Here are some samples of work that our students have produced in their classes. Enjoy!

Graphic Novels
Each year, 9th and 10th grade students create a graphic novel comprised of their personal stories of immigration to the United States. Our students come from over 30 different countries and speak 25 different languages. This project empowers them by teaching them how to use English and art to tell their stories. If you would like to help support similar projects, please consider purchasing a copy of We Are Oakland International, a collection of outstanding student comics from the last four years. This project was featured on What Kids Can Do and The California Report.

Video Games
Created by students in grades 9-12, programming in Scheme!

A Google Thank You card: by Omar - Mexico
The Pig's Fury: by Daniel and Uyanga - El Salvador and Mongolia
The Magic Apple: by Tirtha and Por Mu - Nepal and Thailand
Chicharomania: by Raul and Karen - Mexico and El Salvador

Math Games
More photos here!
Students in the 12th grade Statistics class applied their knowledge of probability in creating their own "casino" games and hosted a Probability Casino Day for 9th and 10th grade math classes.

Video Documentaries
Oakland International High School: Opening Doors to the American Dream
KDOL TV & Media Enterprise Alliance. Oakland International students with Pam Uzzell and Chris Guevarra
Students from Oakland International High School produced this documentary about our school's unique role in helping immigrant and refugee students from throughout Oakland get prepared for success in college and beyond. Take a look at their work and learn about their experience at OIHS.

Rotoscopes - created by students in grades 9-12 in Flash.


OIHS Poems - a website containing original poetry written and published by 9th and 10th grade English students.


Painted shoes for the Vans Custom Culture Contest - Spring 2012
Logos created for the Google Doodle contest - Fall 2009

Indra's Photography: An independently run photography blog by one of our recent graduates.

OIHS Reads! 11th Grade Reading Guide for the novel Little Brother.

Oakland International's Senior Student Times
A student run online newspaper. All of the interviews, photographs, and articles are composed by 12th grade students of Oakland International.

Bay Area Adventures: A class of students in grades 9-12 who explored and blogged about the Bay Area in June 2010.

Yessenia - El Salvador
Tjay - Mongolia
Jhony - Guatemala


11th Grade Personal Websites

Rajwinder - India
Joaquin - El Salvador
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